Here you can see a description of KazHydro Operating projects.

Today, the Company, together with the affiliated enterprise of KazWater Energy LLP, is carrying out 2 hydroelectric power plant:

  • Construction of a small hydropower cascade on the Koksai River (Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl Oblast)
  • Construction of a small hydroelectric station at the Tasotkel dam of the Shu River (Zhambyl Oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan).

Note that at present, the first and second phase of the project “Cascade of small hydropower stations on the water line of the Koksay river, Zhambyl region” is close to completion. The cascade consists of five hydropower plants (HPP-1, HPP-2, HPP-3, HPP-4, HPP-5) with a capacity of 17.84 MW in a cascade. Completion of the first and second phases of construction and commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2019. All possible technical documents for the construction and operation of a cascade of hydroelectric power stations today have been approved and obtained.

Project “Koksay”

Administrative location of the Koksay HPP cascade: Zhualin district of Zhambyl region, on the existing…


Project “Shu”

Energy of the region. Electric energy is generated in Kazakhstan mainly in thermal power plants.…