Government offered to develop a program for the development of RES

Certain measures will be provided for in the final declaration of the second Summit on renewable energy sources

The participants of the Second Summit on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) intend to propose the development of a state program for the development of renewable energy sources. This was announced by the general director of the Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan, Arman Kashkinbekov, the correspondent of the business information center

“Recently, the chairman of the presidium of the national chamber“ Atameken ”, Timur Kulibayev, also instructed his team to begin this work, we have already agreed to work together. This is an inevitable trend: the share of renewable energy in Kazakhstan is also growing, the cost of “green” electricity is decreasing, it is becoming more competitive. The auctions held over the past 10 days (for the purchase of electricity produced by renewable energy sources) only confirmed this: a more than 20% reduction in the tariff occurred following the results of the first small auctions, up to 10 MW, ”he explained.

Arman Kashkinbekov expressed his intention to prompt the government with the main blocks of this state program. First of all, in his opinion, “it is necessary to further improve the legislative system, which should act for a long-term period, and not change every three years, as is happening in the country now, as this frightens investors away.” Therefore, he believes that a transparent, understandable system for investors should operate. The second issue facing the industry is large-scale financing of the industry in tenge.

“There is the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, there is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, there are financial institutions of the Baiterek holding, but this is all fragmented and unsystematic. We have a program for the development of agriculture and the processing industry, where a comprehensive plan is set out step by step, interaction with interested financial and government departments, what goals we want to achieve, when, at the expense of what resources. We also need all this, ”he shared.

As Arman Kashkinbekov noted, in Kazakhstan there is a concept of transition to a “green” economy, summits and forums are held, but a single document has not yet been developed following all these discussions.

“He (document, program for the development of renewable energy. – Ed.) Is critically necessary. We hope that the matter will get off the ground. I think that if we unite with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Atameken, we can write a draft of such a program until the autumn or the end of the year, approve the program by a government decree and begin to implement it. We have large investors come and say: “You have clearly defined goals for only three dates: 2020 – 3%, 2030 – 10% and 2050 – 50%, and we don’t see that in the middle between these dates which line is there a curve, a straight line? We need to know the plans of the state by years, ”Arman Kashkinbekov voiced the proposals.

He also added that assistance in the development of renewable energy should be provided by the national operator of electric grid management KEGOK.

“While we, unfortunately, do not see this. They (KEGOK. – Ed.) Are not very happy with the growth of renewable energy sources, they are the last stronghold for the protection of traditional energy. But we are not going to immediately replace coal-fired stations – in the next 20-30 years, Kazakhstan will not get anywhere from them, these are our economic realities. We only want to ensure energy security, since in most regions of Kazakhstan the stations are old — they are already 40–45 years old, for the station this is a technical limit. In Temirtau CHP-2, its service life has worked in the early 2000s, is still on parole. Therefore, the old stations will be eliminated, the share of renewable energy will increase – such an energy mix must be provided, ”the representative of the Association stated the position.