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The company is engaged in the implementation of the hydropower potential of Kazakhstan, namely the construction of small hydropower plants, in the face of growing electricity needs and an increasingly responsible approach to the conservation of nature and not replenishable resources for our descendants.


Prevention of future and reduction of existing emissions of greenhouse gases, harmful and polluting substances into the atmosphere.


Reducing the consumption of exhaustible mineral resources and a simultaneous reduction of the power deficit


Meeting the growing demand of industrial enterprises and the population of Kazakhstan in electricity


Contribution to the implementation of Kazakhstan's commitments under the Kyoto Protocol to the UN framework Convention “On climate change”

Project Koksay

Our projects

Administrative location of the Koksai HPP cascade: Zhualin district of Zhambyl region, on an existing pressure pipeline laid along the left bank of the transboundary Koksai river; 84 km to the west of the city of Taraz and 25 km to the east of the district center B. Momyshuly.

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